Thoughts: Life goes on….

There are days and then there are days…..strangely life is easier when you live a day at a time.

All through school, college and professional life you get the chance to meet various people. Good ones, bad ones, weird ones and even super heroes. Despite popular belief that you learn manners and other things that would shape your personality, from your parents, I feel that your entire personality comes imbibed at birth and the people you meet help you find your best fit. The people you meet define you and talk a lot about you than what you can say without saying anything about yourself. Things go pretty smoothly when you connect with most and shit hits the ceiling when you really can’t be yourself with those around you.

As long as the crowd with you is ok world remains at peace. But then the time when the things you want aren’t the things you actually want, it takes a small twist. The people you feel for aren’t real and the ones who feel for you are under appreciated and undervalued. Life is full of complicated decisions and the more you remain detached the harder the ‘right’ decision seems to be. You have none to guide you, none to argue with you for the other side and no one to help you make your decision with you. Sitting alone you can only see one side of the truth, the other…elusive side is near impossible to comprehend. Sitting alone is all you are actually doing…sitting alone is what you actually do….sitting alone is what you become accustomed to.

However much we all try, an answer is easier to attain, but the right reasons are hard to find. And the right answer without the right reasons is not the right answer. The plain vanilla is the easy to attain, the harder part is the concept behind it. True affection is hard to find and weighing pros and cons isn’t always the right way to make a judgment. Most matters are more complicated than others and matters when you stand alone are the worst of them all.

The reasoning voice in me is tired, it wants to argue, sadly there are none who I can argue with. The ability to fight both sides of a story leaves me with no options as such.

My best guess is that we go back to early childlike beliefs of “whatever happens, happens for the best” and “in the end it would always be ok”. For living life is never easier, it’s full of stops, knee jerks and starts again. And positively enough it is cyclical.

Life goes on within you and without you”

–          Beatles


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