About ME!

Hi Y’All

Meet ME……funny, witty, cynical, cute looking, football fan, sports crazy, Movie buff, Music Addict and a whole lotta fun (few can be verified, few cant). All part of the wonderful persona that is me!

Anyway cutting straight to the point, welcome to my blog…..I don’t know how to explain this, but i guess the main reason would be that  its always been a wish of mine to write a book, i am sure that a whole lot of you might have felt that way too….a book, a poem, a movie script or even a sitcom and i guess this is mine. A Blog for now, cause i guess it is easier and really isn’t restricted.

The lack of restriction in my writing brings out the best part. For those of you who know me would realize a whole lot of this blog has me in it. My thoughts, my views and my two cents on everything under the sun. Of course i am opinionated, its my strongest aspect. Thus i name this : Thoughts.

I think a lot and i mostly this happens when i achieve my state of Nirvana (wink), so i decided to follow the path of righteousness and document my each and every thought. Some you may agree with, some you may disagree, but please remember the most important thing from this…you are learning something from me and that my dear friends is worth all the gold in the world!

I love feedback, so please be honest, be brutal and be yourself. I am ok with it! I might not love you for it, but would always respect the “thought” behind it. 🙂 (See the clever use of the blog heading….you are already learning)

I welcome you to my world…..hang on, the first step is a doozy!




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