Thoughts: CID is better than The Adjustment Bureau

To borrow one of my favorite saying “It could be worse, we could all be dead”

The movie tries to create a hype and hoopla around itself that only the likes of Charlie Sheen or Lindsey Lohan could create. It is stupid, dumb, irritating and really wants to make you strangle the ticket seller for not printing warning labels on the ticket.

The story revolves around us believing in the existence of the Almighty (who sits in an office in downtown New York I guess!) and has his minions (who form the Adjustment Bureau) go ahead and ensure that everything we do on Earth is according to “the Plan”. The Plan is apparently written in a book which even whack jobs (read as junkies, addicts, UFO theory specialists, 2012 theory specialists, Matrix believers and the group that believes that Bella is just confused)  are going to read and say “What the heck is that stuff?” And if anyone deviates from the Plan, guys who wear caps will walk through random doors and end up anywhere on Earth they please and fix the deviation so that the person makes the choice he/she is supposed to make.

So it is basically a movie that questions our very motives of doing anything in life and to make us realize that the choices we make aren’t really ours to make!

David (Matt Damon; who really looks different in his non butt kicking, love struck pussy role) is a successful politician and a young one at that. He’s got a bright future in front of him and he knows it. “The Plan” states that he needs to stay away from Elise else his future as per the book would not happen and neither would hers. So despite knowing that, he goes ahead and tells the Adjustment Bureau to “Bite Me!” and he’s going to do whatever the director told him to do. I would not like to tell you how it ends cause I would really love it if you all actually waste your money on this as I wasted mine.

The movie is downright silly and immature and those who are comparing this with Matrix, Inception or any such cults are really idiots of the highest degree. None of the characters gel together, the story really lacks a good ending and the fact that the Adjustment Bureau can’t work near water nor without their hats/caps is downright laughable. Let’s face it, the premise of the movie and the way it is held together (David and Elise meet by chance after 3 years to rekindle their romance!!) is just a sad attempt at creating a plot, but I still gave this movie a chance and thought, maybe the thriller part is better cause the romance is just plain sad. I was in for a disappointment cause even the thriller part involved God sitting in downtown New York and then getting outfoxed by David.

The movie is bad enough as it is, to tag it as a thriller/romance/sci-fi is just making a mockery of genres. I like Matt Damon movies but I would request you all to give this one a miss.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Matt Dam-n-it-on what were u thinking!

    Agreed. The movie touched neither my heart or my head… it did touch my nerves in a very wrong way!


  2. Posted by Anjana on April 14, 2011 at 10:36 AM

    Welcome back Prateek Singh …..

    i like the way this has been written. agreed the movie sucked big time …. the review says it all … it is sarci/ witty/ funny and mocks the movie in a very wholesome manner …. very welll written


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