Thoughts: You know what i hate….in music

Off all the thing i love in the world, music is very high on the list…..but these bunch of idiots, ruin it!

Bieber fever

Personally I feel that kid hasn’t been bullied enough nor had his head flushed down the toilet enough. With a hairstyle that reeks of ‘doofus’ and a look that seems to amplify that, Bieber has never been to school ever! If anything we need to have a fatwa against him. He is stupid enough to believe that he has ANY talent and the worst case of it all is that there are loads of you crazy enough to think he really CAN sing and has some talent in him. Girls between 12-16 are excused, they are still finding a whole lot about themselves and thus are confused (after all its just that age) but for guys in that age group …. Lemme save you the trouble…you all like ‘that’ guy not cause he is your closest friend, but cause you are gay. The rest of you…shame on you! Personally I would love to see him get married to Lady Gaga’s kids. Which brings me to the next person….

Lady Gaga

Is there anyone who thinks she is a decent role model for anything? Even farm animals run afraid of her! She came in a damn EGG to one of the award ceremonies…..that is not even funny, it is downright stupid. With dresses that make even Aerosmith say “oh my God….wtf is she wearing?”  And appearances that make Charlie Sheen say “I dunno what she is smoking but I want THAT”. Lady Gaga needs a shrink….heck, she needs a team of shrinks who study her round the clock. Just to add….what is ‘Gaga’…is that a name? Sounds like something babies do once they are fed. She is not a musician and please stop comparing her to Madonna, cause even Madonna in her hay-day was a whole lot more sober and didn’t look like a cross dresser caught in a alien gay parade!!

Backstreet Boys

I agree I was naïve when I heard them and tried grooving to them. But I have grown up….they are all gay! Pansy ass moronic looking boys! They can’t sing, they dance like Sunny Deol with a horse and they sound like they still haven’t hit puberty. Pop is dead people; deal with that…MC Hammer would have more success with another album and if Ray Charles could see he too would poke his eyes out rather than see what shit has the music industry come to. To add to it all…I was 14 when I heard them for the first time…. it’s the 21st damn century, music has come a long way. Stop this pop bull shit, life has moved on!

The hip-hop gangsta rap crap

This is not music, you do not make music, you make garbage! Rap is to music as etch a sketch is to art. Leave aside the guys who really DID make good music, 2-Pac (and that too after he died), Eminem (only white guy to break into it, respect for it), Snoop Dogg (just too cool for anything)…the rest of you are one hit wonders….even The Wonders are thinking “Diam even we lasted more than these guys!!” Stop polluting our minds with the horrible dum-dum-boom-bitcha u sucka—boom –boom wow crap you sell in the name of music. The only thing worth for you is the damn videos, which brings me to the fact….if you had any decent rhythm you wouldn’t need big busted, and huge butt women to sell your “music”. Which brings me to YET another point….what is with your names? Chingy? Chamillionarie? Ludacris? Are you friggin serious…yes I know you came from the projects, yes I know you had a tough life but I doubt with a full set of gold teeth as your grill and a car that jumps up and down to your beats qualifies you to talk about those who really are poor and down in the dumps. Add to that I really doubt even they hear your music.

And finally, I hate Dido!!

Women….those who claim to be strong, independent, and “I don’t need guys, I smoke and listen to Dido” to show how cool and strong I am. Two words…BITE ME! You aren’t strong, you are pathetic….you are pink frock wearing, candy eating bimbos! Dido is not a “strong, assertive, single, young, smart, out-to-prove-herself” women’s singer. She is stupid, ugly, really without talent…..and the only song that really made famous was with a white rapper who fyi gave her 2 lines in the whole song. So get over it!!!


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