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Welcome to a Job Fair!

So having sent my resume to roughly 108% of the recruiters in the city, I ended up at a job fair. It was a tough decision, one that kept me up, pacing, strafing, contemplating shaving… for a long time. However, I finally did unpack my suitcase and remove a formal shirt, a pair of trousers and a tie. Well begun, is half done.

So I woke up bright and early the next day and followed the well known 4S methodology. Shit, shower, shave and scram.

The hour long effort to get there raised my hopes dramatically. After all, it was something happening in downtown. A place where I could ‘network’, meet potential recruiters and heck if the stars aligned and I could kiss that leprechaun, maybe even find a job.

Much like a hero reaching the bad guy’s lair, there will always be ‘hurdles’ and I found mine when I reached downtown. The posters, the plethora of photographers, the red carpet…(Oh my GOD!) TIFF 2017 HAS STARTED and somewhere deep inside the recess of my brain, pandemonium erupted!

Screw the job fair, let’s get a ticket to the new zombie movie…oh oh… lets watch the Anurag Kashyap one before it gets censored……how about the new J-Law one…. lets gooooo!”

But NO! The adult side of me wisen-ed up (eventually). So after I scalped the tickets I bought, and managed to get most of my money back, I proudly walked back to the job fair. “Look at me…. all adult-ing!”

Enter the job mela.

With about 300 people, crowding around 20 odd tables, picking pamphlets for applications from bus drivers to call center agents, I KNEW this was the right place. Heck, if they are hiring for bus drivers, once they meet me, they might just put me on their board of directors. You know me…modest and proud of it.

So after walking around the ball room twice, and realizing how Cinderella felt, I finally narrowed on my potential Prince Charming(s).  I wasted no more time. I walked up to the first potential recruiter, nay, I swaggered up to them, brimming with confidence, looked them straight in the eye…. picked up the brochure and walked right back, 190 feet to the end of the line waiting for my time to be called.

Thirty minutes later and after ensuring that I was much more educated, experienced and overall a genius compared to the two people ahead and behind, I knew that I shouldn’t expect a confetti shower when I reach the recruiter, but if she asks me to step aside and goes to speak to her boss (who is obviously back in the headquarters, secretly watching all applicants, through a hidden video camera set up below this table), a confetti shower is the least they could do. I thought a good way to pass my time in line would be to practice my “Aww shucks guys, you shouldn’t have” smile.

So, for those of you who have never gone to a job-fair, lemme paint the picture. You stand in line for the chance to meet a potential recruiter. When you reach the front, you have a few minutes to explain what you do and hand over your resume. They give a cursory glance to it, eventually tell you that, yes they do have openings, however it would be best to go on their website and check for relevant ones (duh!) They hand you a brochure/visiting card, write an email address and ask you to drop them an email or find them on LinkedIn and add them to your network. And then you shake hands ending the productive meeting.

Not quite the confetti shower, but I guess it’s a step in the right direction.

On a scale of 1 to 10 about its effectiveness, I’d have to say this ranks right alongside you grabbing a pigeon on the street, tying a $5 bill to its feet, and hoping it buys you a pack of milk and brings the change back before breakfast the next morning.

Anyway *gets back to LinkedIn*