The life after…

He sits in succor,

Loneliness a constant companion.

His patience, a gaze,

He looks unfazed.

With a sky full of stars,

He sits…..

Wondering, blinking, waiting, and thinking.

Reminiscing the days gone by, the times well spent.

The paths well-trodden,

And those paths he left.


But his loneliness bites,

He tries a smile, it smites.

His friends long gone,

Solitude is his own song.

His dreams unmade, some promises unwept,

His wishes unfulfilled.

Days remind him of his flaws, days just relent.

He thinks back to his days,

They seemed like an abyss.

Of freedom, frolicking and running in the sun

None could touch him….not even one!


But alas that one night,

He thought he drove it right,

But the haze…it removed all light.

The look on her face, full of fright

The twisting wheels, The screeching tires

The smashed glass, the wreckage, the fire

The skidding car and the flips it marred

It took her, only her, for he was barred.


He looks up at the skies now

It’s been 3 years, he drags his baggage in tow

The sky is still, the moonlight shines bright,

The stars were spinning that night, but now, they are alright.

He struggles with his depression,

The daily walks for suppression,

Therapist orders for regression.

Life is a bitter teacher,

For you learn slow; you learn blow by blow.

And solace is a bitter pill to swallow,

For those who pity in self wallow,

Can’t rise to ebb the tide against its flow.


Pills galore, mixed with the hard stuff,

He falls face first, his brain soft as muff.

The sky is spinning again,

The stars are moving across the plain,

But now there is no fire,

No sound of a screeching tire.

For this is peaceful…


And he closes his eyes,

Knows he will be with her soon.

A deep breath, and he can hear her croon.

His life is complete,

Or what is left of it anyway.

Bless his soul, he gave it away.



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