Thoughts: The Last Soul On Earth

Holds his head in his arms,

Cradles, soothing as a balm.

He reminds himself, speaks reassuringly,

Fear not, the worst is yet to come!

Now is not the time when you feel it is done,

Now is not the time for some fun

Now is not the time for alarm

He clutches his sleeves at his arms,

And pulls himself closer,

Its soothing… as a balm.


The gale blows hard and it blows strong,

Head bowed he powers on,

The playful exuberance is but done,

The overbearing urge….

But he knows….

He needs to slum.


Time breaks all; it is the cruel,

It starts with a test and then teaches the rule.

The will is mighty, no pen no sword,

Though they fall short against his word.

He suffers like a solider, fights as if cornered,

He reeks of desperation,

but his aim is not of evasion.


Those far off laugh and smirk,

They do not understand,

What he needs, for,

their own life is bland.

But he knows there is no rest

He wants more…

He demands the best.

Excellence perceived is not worthy,

Excellence achieved is the worry.

The rat race aside….coz that is for rats

He strives ahead, the world is flat.


He pulls his hoodie closer over his head

The warmth spreads

His frown disappears

His mind is clear,

He marches on….without fear

For he knows, that though he has survived this gale

This fight is still on and he cannot fail

He wipes his brow, pulls  himself closer,

This sky is now calm,

it is soothing as a balm.



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