Thoughts: Ke-Mo-Sah-Lead –> The Wrong Actor

Now yes I know it’s been over a week since the movie released and thus this ‘review’ doesn’t really seem to say much more than what most of us might already have judged for ourselves. Nevertheless, for those of you who have not yet seen this flick and do not have an interest in seeing an over beefed up Farhan Akthar run faster than Usain Bolt and are still contemplating if this movie is worth your time, for you…I write!

The Lone Range was a very popular radio show conceived by WXYZ Radio way back in 1933. The radio show was a huge hit, and that led to comic books which later gave way to a very ‘healthy’ Clayton Moore showing himself as the Lone Ranger on our television sets as he galloped away into the sunset after of course beating the baddies. The catch phrases (“Ke-mo sah-bee”, “Hi-Yo Silver, Away”), his trademark silver bullet and the eternal theme music all have led to this becoming the eternal icon of the American culture.

So why shouldn’t someone cash in on it?? Thus we now have The Lone Ranger!

John Reid (Armie Hammer; the lesser we speak about him, the better…its just how he was in the movie) is an idealistic lawyer who comes home to his Texas Ranger brother Dan Reid (James Badge Dale, who was ok for the few minutes he took up on screen) and his brother’s wife Rebecca Reid (Ruth Wilson, who again apart from sharing the same date of birth as me doesn’t have anything more exciting about her). Rebecca and John also loved each other, which makes you ponder on why would the elder brother want to marry her anyway?

John has come to town to help his brother and the other Rangers track down the horribly disfigured and psychopathic Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner, for those confused, he is agent Alex Mahone from Prison Break). The Rangers follow his trail and invariably end up in an ambush where all of them are killed. All but one….

John is rescued by an apostate Comanche Tonto (The very talented Johnny Depp). Tonto at the insistence of the white horse (which he considers sacred) and nurses him back to life and brings him back from the dead. Tonto has his own reasons to bring Cavendish to justice and both of them join forces, John Reid becomes The Lone Ranger and begins his pursuit of justice only he know how. Throw in a few laughs, some funny scenes and some banter between the two unlikely partners and you have this….movie!

Gore Verbinski loves Depp and for good reason too. He shot The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and Rango with him, and these movies got him roughly $1 billion dollars and an Oscar (yup, billion with a ‘b’). So was it a smart move to try Depp again? Most definitely! For if anything, Depp saves this movie from the colossal crap fest that it was going to become. In a very lame manner of explaining this movie, just try and imagine the Pirates of the Caribbean, remove the water and add sand. The rest remains the same.

Now I wouldn’t go and agree whole heartedly with the critiques that have smashed the movie, for there are enough reasons and good points in the movie – Johnny Depp, Tonto and the white horse (Silver). The rest of the cast could actually blend into the background and you wouldn’t feel the difference. If 95% of your casts names are followed by hushed questions of “who is that?” in the movie hall, you better have a brilliant storyline and a fantastic direction to make your movie a success. But all that was not exactly up to par and the movie somehow drags ahead in bits and pieces. The story was a little stretched and so was a few of the dialogues. I don’t see a sequel being made of this and I hope if they do, they bring in someone with more charisma for the role of The Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger presents a new take on the classic characters. This film is pretty much how a summer movie ought to be. Good clean fun for the family. (Personally that isn’t something I would really look forward to).

In the end, if you are a really big Depp fan you will see him as good as ever in this and thus must watch it; the rest of you who have something better planned can skip it.


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