Thoughts: Star Trek: Into the trilogy

Phew! Firstly I know it’s been awhile since this movie released and thus yes I am late. But to be honest, I have just managed to catch my breath.

I have always been a star trek fan and although I have lost track of the number of remakes and haven’t been able to see all the various versions of it, I still have more than enough of an interest in it to not give it up on my attempt to see them all!

Capt James T. Kirk (Chris Pine, who trust me has made a certain element of the immortal role his own) is back. He has taken charge of the USS Enterprise and is using it like his daddy’s own private sports car. Reckless, dangerous and defying laws across all the galaxies, Kirk has managed to ensure his entire crew is in danger and out of it all in the blink of an eye. Spock (Zachary Quinto, who looks very much the Spock we all know and love) remains the logical angel on his shoulder. During one of their ‘exploratory missions’, Kirk manages to break every conceivable rule as set by the Starfleet and Spock true to his nature squeals on him. Long story short, they take away his ship (Relax, he’ll get it back).

Anyway, the crew of the Enterprise is back home and resting when out of nowhere they are under attack. Someone or something has decided to launch a personal attack on the entire Starfleet and everything it stands for. Kirk loses his mentor in this savagery and is now looking for revenge. Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to the edge of the war zone (the boundary of the Klingons) to capture the one man responsible for the mass destruction. Back onboard the Enterprise, our heroes charge towards the madman, will they catch him? Will they bring him to the throws of justice? Will the madman really be a madman or a genetically enhanced cyborg that is looking just for a little love and acceptance? (oops, too much?) I can’t give away more of the story, legal issues.

We all know how sequels usually go and there are not too many movies which outdo their originals, but take a bow Mr. J.J. Abrams you really know how to keep your audience hooked.  What more can you expect from the maker of Lost? The movie is brilliantly made, the direction, the special effects, the editing, the sequences and of course the aura which has been so brilliantly crafted over decades and somehow been managed to be kept intact. Top marks to the crew.

The real beauty of the movie though lies in the cast. They are the glue that held the entire movie together. Chris Pine has somewhere managed to find out the real James Kirk and added his own flavor on top of it, Zachary Quinto has aped Spock to the core and to be honest, Leonard Nimroy would be proud of him. The rest of the crew has also performed brilliantly and it is to their credit that they don’t appear as extras but more of the real cast. Lt Uhura (Zoe Saldana) who also is Spock’s love interest, Bones (Karl Urban) Scotty (the multi-talented Simon Pegg), Sulu (John Cho), Chekov and Carol (oh so smoking hot Alive Eve, who by far is the best looking thing in a Starfleet Uniform, till date) have all done par excellence in their roles and I can’t wait to see them all together next movie. The cast brings me to a very important part of the movie and that is the new entrant Kaa’n (the highly talented and rated Benedict Cumberbatch, who honestly is just growing in strength as an actor) Kaa’n is the main bad guy in the movie and the strongest performer in it. His presence and aura on screen blows the rest of the cast away and though there are certain elements in his expression and demeanor which still need a little bit of  fine tuning to make him of the level of an Agent Smith type bad guy, mark my words, in the third movie he will explode on screen.

STID is fast paced, full of action and is topped off with the cherry that is the icing on the cake, which is the development of the bonds between the entire crew of the USS Enterprise. The phrase ‘bonding under fire’ seems appropriate to describe it. The movie is all set for a thrilling finale (or maybe even a few more parts after the next one) and you can bet your money on the fact that it’ll be epic!

A thrill a minute ride, right from start and if by the end of it all you are not left wanting more, you need to be checked. It is one of the must watch movies this summer and if you have missed I would recommend you to buy the DVD (when it comes in stores, or some other legal way to do it) and then buy a home screen 62” television cause watching it on a laptop is just an insult to it. Live Long and Prosper \ /


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