Thoughts: The Speed of Thought

Bound by rationality

Subject and Abdicated to the whims, ours…and theirs!

Fancies or the actionable, pre-decided.

Thoughts – a wish to remain unbound,

Despite best efforts, remain shackled.

Crying out to break free, free from rationality, free from needs.

Bound, but by limitations of nature and coupled with the limitless bursts of our ideas.

Desires and Confines.

Thoughts and Boundaries.


Travelling at the speed of light, breaking distances and differences as we grow unbound

Time is a make belief concept.

Defined by those who can measure up to its tough and demanding mandates


Rules though meant to be broken, are applicable for only those who own it,

Sniffing the flowers has become a luxury,

But none know how they smell

Does that mean they have lost their scent?

Galaxies whizz by, and we stand still

Our thoughts clouded by the narrow paths we chose

(Or were we predestined to be on our so called ‘righteous’ path?)

Clouded by the judgments on life

Coated by the judgments of others



Misaligned views,

We try and see through

But reality remains an illusion

For what exists and its definition

Is no more than what we want it to be

Is no more than what its defined by society

Is no more real than you or me

Is no more…?



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sahana on May 2, 2013 at 12:37 AM

    🙂 liked it! really liked it!


  2. Hi,

    This is a nice blog.

    My name is Zeynep CAN. I am a postgrad student at the University of Bristol.

    For my research, I aim to find out motivating factors for engaging in the course and how social interaction supports learning in a MOOC (Gamification course, in this case). I see you have been an active and motivated participant in the course and aware of the potential of social interaction for learning . Would you like to be interviewed via Skype or Hangout for my research?

    Actually I have set up a topic in Gamification forums, here’s the link to it:

    And my contact information:

    Kind Regards,



  3. Hi Prateek!

    Thank you for being willing to participate. I am so glad to hear that. It seems links to your Linkedin and Facebook that you gave in Coursera does not work. Could you e-mail me using one of the mail addresses in my previous comment so that I could talk to you.


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