Thoughts: Forlorn

His head hangs low, his face twisted, eyes welled up.

He walks ahead, dragging, dredging and stumbling along.

Teary eyed with a forborne look,

He stops to gaze up at the heavens,

Is it his time?


He questions the Gods, angry,

Then apologizes and carries on.

Rage rises and then….with the same celerity, settles down.

He walks alone, Forlorn.

Overlooking the view, Side stepping the muddle,

He walks on, dreams of days gone by,

Of days that were high,

Of the starry-nighted sky.


She walks beside, her steps ginger,

Her lover long gone, Her friend cadaverous.

Her feet barely touching the ground beneath her,

Her breath cold, Her touch frosty.

She talks… attempts a duologue.

She pleads for forgiveness,

She walks alone, Forlorn.

Her eyes well up, tears drip on her satin robe

She sits down, crying.

Her long blonde hair dripping,

The mess is all around,

She wonders if she would be found.


The drive, countryside,

The afternoon breeze, the sky lit up outside,

The yellow flowers field, their color auburn,

The long road, the twisting turns

The cattle, the music, the little cottage at the hillside,

The instant…….

The car, the swerve,

The flip over the curve,

The swirl, the topple,

The twisted concoction of metal and asphalt,

The grinding halt.

The eerie silence.

One gets up, one walks away,

One gets up, one stays…..


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hey lovely from a young womanreader contunue the awesome writing


  2. reminds me of Last Kiss by Pearl Jam :)…. should trade some of my writings…will put it up soon now that i have some time 🙂


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