Thoughts: Distraught is the Thought

“Help Me” she screams,

The voice echoes through a cloudless starless night,

“Help Me” she bellows,

Her vocal chords strain with might.

None cast a second glance,

None want to take the chance.

People walk briskly by,

Their paces quickens on the sly.

Distraught at the thought.


The bustle continues, steps scurry faster,

To stop would mean to “get involved”,

And none of us have ever been that evolved.

She cries in agony, her painful shrieks rip the dark,

They shut their windows and bolt their doors

They might as well have been on a barque.

Alas! Her screams are to no avail,

The pain is for all to see,

To display and view with no sanctity.

Distraught at the thought.


A zephyr blows through,

Leaves tumble from the trees, but just a few.

A halcyon takes over the night,

… is done, such is her plight.

Defiled, deflowered,

Don’t’ touch her…she recedes,

Don’t’ touch her…she begs,

Don’t touch her….she  pleads

Distraught at the thought.


So naïve….she is not anymore,

Hurt…her life flashes before her,

Tainted and tormented, her future seems a blur.

Nowhere to turn,

Her eyes have lost their sparkle,

Her lips quiver,

Distraught she walks,

Distraught it follows,

Distraught is the thought.


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