Thoughts:The Cam-pain

Now if politics was this funny we would all be voting, but alas we are surrounded by imbeciles and buffoons in this great nation who literally/physically fight with each other in the name of democracy.

Anyway, that rant aside for those who love Will Ferrell (how can you not!) and his and his quirky sense of humor (Talladega nights, Step Brothers, Anchorman, A Night at the Roxbury….the list could go on) and those who consider Zach Galifianakis funny (Hangover, Due Date) are in for a special treat in this movie.

From the name of the movie, its posters and if you were fortunate enough to see the baby being punched in the trailer (if you think that is mean, you really have no funny bone in you!!) you would have a decent idea what the movie is about. Cam Brady (W. Ferrell) is a four time Democratic incumbent who has run unopposed for pretty much his entire career in politics and is running now for the fifth time. This time though he ‘accidently’ leaves a dirty voice message on someone else’s answering machine. Of course this should have cost him the race but then due to a lack of opposition he is all set to make the recovery. Enter ‘The Motch brothers’ (John Lithgow and Dan Aykroyd), who are the real bad guys and want Cam Brady out since they feel he in all probability has “lost it”. Thus, they pluck out Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) out of obscurity just because he happens to be the son of a well known, but retired politician, and thrust him into the centre stage by selling him the idea, that if he steps into this his father would be really proud and this way he could lend a hand doing something worthwhile for society. Of course this is no easy task since Marty is pretty much someone who would make Sheldon look like a party animal. (Ref: Big Bang Theory). So to smooth him in the dirty world of politics, the Motch brothers assign Tim Wattley (Dylan McDermott) as his campaign manager who seems custom made for this sort of a situation. Tim remakes Marty, gives him confidence, a vocabulary and two new dogs as well. J

Throw in Jason Sudeikis as the campaign manager for Cam, a few oddly thrown punches and some really bad ideas and you end up with 85 minutes of ROFLMAO.

Being casted in their usual and cliché roles; Ferrell as a cutthroat senseless dope who considers himself to be the best at everything, and Galifanakis as an odd ball, but likable (very Adam Sandler type) dork. The two end up sharing a decent chemistry in a movie that’s although not a perfect comedy as you’d expect it to be, but still pretty decent.

Will Ferrell is in his element as someone who cannot stand losing. He has a gorgeous trophy wife, kids who could give Snoop Dogg a run for his money, more money than he could need, fame, fortune…. the whole nine yards! Galifianakis on the other hand is someone who never takes the Lord’s name in vain and probably volunteers at the soup kitchen on Sundays.  His wife and kids are god’s gift to him, which of course changes during the first dinner scene where he sits with his family and asks them to confess any sins they might have made.  (A must see part of the movie). How he turns into a ’politician’ is something worth watching as the underlying theme in the movie.

Jay Roach (Director) is a popular name in comedy. With movies like Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockkers and of course the famous Austin Powers Trilogy he is well versed with tickling the funny bone. And for those who appreciate the other Jay R comedies, you can expect the usual toilet humor, and plenty of “f*** this” and “f*** that” in the film.

With The Campaign he allows the two funny men on the same screen and lets them explode as they rip into each other all in the name of “politics”. Mud-slinging, accusations, baby punching, sex tapes you name it…it is there.

The pairing of Ferrell and Jack proves to be successful in this case, especially during scenes which they share screen time and have to go one up against the other. Galifianakis continues in his usual roles as none too bright characters having a ball of a time, and here his story arc provided for a little bit of a melodrama, serving as reminder that family matters, and should take priority rather than being shelved aside for ambition. Or worse, to pretend to lead a lifestyle just because it has the consensus of the majority.

The movie has two thumbs up from my side and definitely something you guys should watch. The movie is simple, to the point and definitely worth spending an hr and a half of your life on. 🙂



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