Thoughts: An abyss…

Deep, dark and desolate.

The lurking of fear and the stench of failure.

You try and vie but are tangled in a web you sew.


You sink and struggle to keep your head above.

You plunge further, Your hands reach for the welkin.

The night laughs, for,

You belong to her.

The dark abysmal abyss beckons,

Reason, logic and hope all abandon the time in need,

An eternity of solitude coaxing.

A look yonder, a last fleeting glimpse,

Of life and love and glory passing by.

Life travelling at the speed of light,

Glory too arrogant to stop by and help

But love?

Love looks and sees the distress,

She stops to divert and floats through the treacherous terrain

But then she is too far…too frail to help.

She smiles and says “It’s going to be ok”

And she sits by the quicksand…..

Serenading the weary,

Serenading the lonely,

Serenading the dying,

Singing of better days,

Signing of smiling days,

Smiling with the warmth of the sun.

And then beneath the dark desolate moonlit sky,

He lets go…

Knowing it will be ok,

Knowing he would surely lay

His head in a better place.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Niv on July 4, 2012 at 4:49 PM

    just call it “an abyss”. keeps it intriguing… “dismal” makes it sound..well… very dismal…. nice poem. did i tell you that before?


  2. Done and thanq 🙂


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