Thoughts: Thoughts!

The definition of living, it varies,

From the loft of its peak,

To the valley down the trough,

From the King of Atlantis and Shangri –La,

To the Empire of dust and all that it bears.


Such a brittle thought,

Such a delicate flower,

It picks up the subtle and drops on the hard,

It needs a new direction,

It needs to glide on a path,

To carve its niche,

All it needs is to make the start.


For we are but travelers in space,

Moving along…..

Aimlessly and misdirected more often.

Grasping, checking, choking and tugging,

Looking for the ledge,

Pushing up the edge,

Standing still, and climbing again.


‘Life is but a dream’, thus we row on,

But dreams are for those who sleep,

Yet we remain bug eyed awake,

Trying to grasp a meaning,

To grasp solace in solitude,

To grasp straws in our clutches,

Where it be easier……

To just let it go…to just let it flow


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