Thoughts: Burn Agneepath Burn

Enough is enough, for the final time Agneepath is a piece of crap!

There are so many things wrong with the movie it is not even funny. For an attempt at a remake, we now know that Indian directors aren’t even good at copying a HINDI movie leave aside ripping of foreign flicks!

The story is pretty much based on the original. Vijay Deenanath’s (Hrithik Roshan) dad was an upright moral man looking for the greater good for the greater number. The ‘number’ are the people of Mandwa, where he ‘teaches’ in some school. Of course the village head is none too pleased at the morality of this man and gets his killed with the help of his son Kancha (Sanju baba who looks like a slimy mix between Smeagol and Voldermort) who is apparently deranged and insane due to his inability to grow hair. (I know what that feels like, I started shaving late too!)

Anyway the teacher’s kid grows up to be our hero, who waits 15 years to get his revenge. Of course in the meanwhile he manages to help his mother raise his sister, he kills a goon-cop at age 8 and then goes on to join one of the most powerful mafias in Mumbai (for God knows what reason!) and in the end kills the bald psychopath thereby salvaging his father’s death!!  (Yea so I gave away the climax….believe me I am doing you a favor)

The movie has no real selling propositions, the acting is average and you would expect the same with the star cast, the direction lacks focus and the dialogues seem a tad too mundane. The movie has pretty much zero character development (apart from the lead whom we follow for what seems like 15 yrs but it probably only for 2 hours) and there is no defined equations anywhere. Hrithik sort of kills time till he is around 30 and then decides to go and kill the bad guy to end the story quickly.

Anyway the movie is painfully long and despite being so long STILL leaves a lot of unanswered questions

  1. Hrithik is NOT a Marathi….I have seen Maharasthrians and NONE of them look even remotely close
  2. What is Priyanka Chopra doing in the movie? She might as well have been killed for being a waste of time. Her most important scene is when she opens her beauty shop which doesn’t make sense!
  3. Why did Hrithik join Rishi Kapoor’s gang if he was to eventually beat Sanju in mortal hand to hand combat?
  4. How did Hrithik get such a magnificent physique whilst living in a slum-like area? Did he join a gym?
  5. Why did Katrina Kaif go and dance in a place filled with ultra horny and desperate men and moreover how did those men let her finish the song?
  6. How can a guy who has been stabbed 4 times and cut up about half a dozen times lift, beat and eventually KILL a guy who hardly has a scratch on him?
  7. Why the hell did I waste a Sunday on this?

A remake is a remake and I feel remakes are usually done as a sign of respect and to pay homage to a movie, sadly this one seems more on the lines of a spoof. There are days when you feel that you might as well go for a movie and kill sometime, but then rather than spend 3 hours couped up in a hall like this you are better of sitting with a psychotic criminal and watch him pull his nails out with a screwdriver.

This review is more of a rant less of a review, but to be able to sit through this sort of epic ordeal requires a super-humanish strength and fortitude. I would advice, in the name of all that is holy and pure and those who watch movies and see it as a form of art to stay away from something so horrific that it might lift your belief from mankind altogether and possibly scar you for life!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Watched it twice because of my ‘friends’. One he waits 15 years, the name of the village is mandwa, he kills at cop at the age of 8 ( not that the movie is any better than the review)

    Adding to it, you missed the abrupt ending when the realized they overshot the time and budget limits. Why the fuck did a guuy who had the time to bomb the entire island go for a hand to hand combat with kancha…. thinking of the movie even to rip it paralyses my brain so I end.

    And baaaldiiiiee ( thats for you :P)


  2. Yes u r correct with the mistakes…my bad.Sorry!
    Shows tht u hav actually seen th movie twice!!! 😀


  3. yep… exactly my point… but u are baldie…:P


  4. Jus as an acknowledgement for those who read the blog AFTER i made th corrections mentioned by Shivani.

    YES there were mistakes in facts and Shivani rightly pointed those out to me. I have changed them NOW…but dont forget that they were THERE!!


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