Thoughts: Enter the Shadow of Death

He walked alone in the shadow of death,

Head hung low and shoulders drooped,

Sweat stained patches on the arms and back,

He walked alone…a path he lacked.


With villages plundered and women raped,

Stolen treasures and deities faked.

He carried his army far and wide,

Taking what he liked, his men by his side,

No fear, no authority higher than his will,

The shadow of death lay very still.


He reached the bold gates, he had his demands

They asked him to leave, for they didn’t wish for war.

His sergeant suggested it be unwise

For their numbers are greater and their advantage height-wise

He paid no heed, He could not lose,

He led his men right up the front gates


He toiled mercilessly and without fear

His hands ached but he never dropped a gear

Furious and angrily he fought valiantly

Never look back and never surrender

He charged through into the shadow of death


But the numbers were just too large

They fell in heaps and arrogance had paid its price

His men lay slain….twisted and mangled corpses,

He was all that remained and that was purposefully so

He saw the blood and it was on his hands


Dejected, mocked and a king without a throne

He walked back, they let him live

Their blood was in his hands

His  defeat was absolute

He walked alone…into the shadow of death


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Niv on February 2, 2012 at 12:21 AM

    Brilliant stuff, Prateek Singh!! Poem factory (thoughtful ones all – lovin’ it!) you’ve become! 😀 Keep ’em coming! This one’s uncannily …..profound. Really nice 🙂


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