Thoughts: The Journey called Life….

The rush, the race, to go… get ahead.

Given a life not shown how to live.

Run, sprint or be left behind,

You turn to see,

Your still ahead but so far away…

So far away from where you want to be,

So far away from where you ‘ought’ to be.

Success is but fleeting,

Defined by a higher power,

Defined by more than what’s in control,

Defined by those who are not.

Hunger fuels the need, needs shadow as wants,

And life rolls on, negating curves and humps and slides.

For we are all but a barrel of laughs,

But side tracked by desires not our own.

To fight tooth and nail and not give an inch

For land not our own, for dreams unknown.

To gain more when we face the sun,

Albeit, Unable to cast a shadow.

Abandoned by those we call our own,

Deceit lurks around the corner.

With muck and grime we enter,

We clean up, only to be muddled again.

Alas…alone we are on the road less travelled

With fear and uncertainty our only companion.

Head held high and hood pulled low,

Eyes wide open and rage beckons us for more,

We power on….

This journey called life!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Niv on January 3, 2012 at 12:22 AM

    “When you set out for Ithaca
    ask that your way be long,
    full of adventure, full of instruction.
    The Laistrygonians and the Cyclops,
    angry Poseidon – do not fear them:
    such as these you will never find
    as long as your thought is lofty, as long as a rare
    emotion touch your spirit and your body.
    The Laistrygonians and the Cyclops,
    angry Poseidon – you will not meet them
    unless you carry them in your soul,
    unless your soul raise them up before you.

    Ask that your way be long.
    At many a Summer dawn to enter
    with what gratitude, what joy –
    ports seen for the first time;
    to stop at Phoenician trading centres,
    and to buy good merchandise,
    mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
    and sensuous perfumes of every kind,
    sensuous perfumes as lavishly as you can;
    to visit many Egyptian cities,
    to gather stores of knowledge from the learned.

    Have Ithaca always in your mind.
    Your arrival there is what you are destined for.
    But don’t in the least hurry the journey.
    Better it last for years,
    so that when you reach the island you are old,
    rich with all you have gained on the way,
    not expecting Ithaca to give you wealth.
    Ithaca gave you a splendid journey.
    Without her you would not have set out.
    She hasn’t anything else to give you.

    And if you find her poor, Ithaca hasn’t deceived you.
    So wise you have become, of such experience,
    that already you’ll have understood what these Ithacas mean.”


  2. Posted by Niv on January 3, 2012 at 12:32 AM

    Ok. That’s what you just reminded me of! Huge praise that is btw!

    I see where you’re coming from. Totally like the way you end it. Very different from your ealier stuff, I’m glad to note 🙂

    You’re EVOLVING!!

    And that brings me to your apparent obsession with Ugliness. What might seem like ranting at first is actually a theory proven scientifically. Ugly people are evolved out by time and nature. But it’s a process that takes millions of years, and not over an average human lifespan. So live without fear! 😀 … The road less travelled is a sweet place to be. Just keep your face to the sun and forget about the shadow.

    Keep writing. Enjoyed the poem 🙂


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