Thoughts: Mission Impossible Would be to Miss it!

First things first, Mission Impossible is just how you would expect it to be. MI4… JUST MI4. Secondly I believe the Mission Impossible part in the movie was to find why was Anil Kapoor so hyped up and what exactly did he do in the movie, ( I have a theory: I believe HE was the ghost in ghost protocol!)

Now for those of you who saw the first 3 will know what to expect and for those who haven’t seen them, need to find a ship and get off the rock they are sitting on. Mission Impossible 4 is the 4th  movie in the series (duh!) where Ethan hunt (Tom Cruise) finds himself and his team with their backs against the wall in a no win situation and has to save the day (not to mention humanity).

The story base is a little clichéd if you ask; a psycho terrorist (redundant point) is holding the world hostage since he plans to blow up nuclear weapons as he believes that earth requires cleansing. So Ethan and his team Agent Brandt (twice Oscar nominated Jeremy Renner), the techno freak Benji (Simon Pegg who does a decent job as the comic element) and Jane (the beautiful Paula Patton) have their mission (should they chose to accept it) to stop the madman before he kills the world and wipes out humanity.

Brad Bird (Director) is best known for his animated movies (Ratatouille, The Incredibles and Up, little known fact he is the executive consultant for Simpsons too!!) and the beauty of those movies are that nothing is impossible since you just need to draw what you want to see. He has somehow managed to bring his creative touch in MI4 with action sequences as large as life itself and the movie just keeps you gripped.  A special mention goes out to the scene shot in Burj Khalifa, I won’t say more, it is something you just need to watch.

Tom Cruise fits into Ethan Hunt like a custom made suit and he seems really happy acting as James Bond on crack, the rest of the cast do a brilliant job as well and being honest acting cool with a bunch of amazingly cool gadgets isn’t rocket science. 🙂  For those looking towards the “Indian connection” in the movie, Anil Kapoor is there in a blink-and-you-miss him kind of role. He acts as a playboy and all that was left from him in the role was him saying “jhakaas!!”

The movie is well directed, the action is pulsating, the dialogues retain their flavor and the movie seems to flow beautifully from the last three. It retains its original action packed punch with the suavity of the series.

It is definitely one of the cooler movies out this season and something I would recommend all of you to watch it…this review would self destruct in 5…4….  🙂


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