Thoughts: The Dirty Picture is just that

I recently had the misfortune of seeing a fat overweight woman wearing horrible clothes with really no real sense of whom/what she was portraying and trying to appear sexy whilst simultaneously smoking and drinking to death, something like what we would get if Anna Nicole Smith marries Lady Gaga and had a child. (Yes I know it is not possible, but bear with me here)

Vidya Balan received a lot of flak and praise for her portrayal of an 80’s super sexy star “Silk Smitha” who was the lady who started the  “revolution” of “revolting”. Now I have been told (and by enough number of people down south) that Silk Smitha is really sexy, but being an average bloke I would have to really disagree and strongly state that Ms Silk Smitha was in NO way the dream woman of ANY average Joe and most probably looked something like the woman who cleans my dustbin outside my apartment these days. Having said that, she was considered an icon for sexuality and was a role model which in my humble opinion showcases the lack of mature audiences for even porn in this region!

Anyway, coming back to the movie, Vidya Balan has this innocence on her face which really can’t go away with makeup or a show of flesh. She is definitely not suited for a role which demands a lot more sexuality and she probably did not know what she was getting into which can be seen with her lack of understanding of whom she was portraying. Although I do believe that the normal trend of giving an award to any woman who does “anything” for a role such as Priyanka Chopra getting a role for actually drinking and in this case Vidya Balan is to be lauded for PUTTING ON WEIGHT, which I am very sure most women would agree is not tough at all. The rest of the actors do pull their weight on screen to, Naseruddhin Shah as the typical southie ‘super star’ Surya does a good enough job and for a change Emran Hashmi isn’t someone you would like to kill at the end. Credit goes to Tushar Kapoor for actually being the ‘biggest boob’ in the movie, since he does do his scene of acting like a nincompoop decently well.

Story-wise the movie sort of trudges along, it speeds up in parts and slows down to a snail’s pace in some. The characters though colorful in the movie are still not very well defined and the equations they share between each other even less so. Vidya Balan as the lead takes up most of the screen time and covers up most of the screen as well but then due to this the rest of the cast seem useless due to which the story lacks the killer punch in it. The equations between most of the cast is vague and left to the imagination, the emotions shown in the  movie are solely based around jealousy and hatred (apart from Emraan Hashmi) and although the role has a lot more potential I do belive that  it doesn’t live up to the hype is created and surrounded.

Although I have nothing against Silk and what she stood for, I do believe that this movie really did not do justice to her nor was it something that really could create the magic of watching a movie of something off beat.

The Dirty Picture is just that and is something that was pretty much ruined due to the picking  of the  wrong cast with the wrong direction and the wrong dialogues. Speaking of dialogues I am yet to hear something more cheesy than the lines I heard in the movie and something so moronic.

The Dirty Picture failed to live up to its hype and unless you want to see a fat pudgy Vidya Balan cover up the screen 24×7. The movie has a lot of potential and really could have been something of a cult but it was a sad disappointment to the bitter end. Having said that I would not be surprised if the world praises this movie since  it required actor to DO something with her body for a role. But if you all really think this is a lot of effort you should watch The Machinist or Cast Away and see how the lead actors in those change themselves.

In the end, I would suggest most of us with some sort of decent standards are not to watch this movie with due regards to the fact that although it had potential it only lets down


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  1. Posted by Moron hunter on April 27, 2017 at 5:15 AM

    While it may be true that Vidya Balan is fat, your blog is quite offensive. “Looks like the lady who cleans garbage outside my apartment”?
    Why don’t you post a picture of yours so that your readers can decide what you look like?


    • For starters, I am not in a job which requires me to deck up and show my face. Feel free to imagine how I look and judge me for all I am worth. 🙂
      Secondly, I stand by the post for I do not believe that she was sexy, pretty or even remotely appealing. ‘Silk’ was lauded and known for exactly those aspects. Vidhya Balan just put on weight….doesn’t make her silk, doesn’t make her anything but fat.


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