Thoughts: Ugly = Death

Face the facts…you should all be proud of yourself for reaching so far in the human evolution cycle. The people who lived earlier were pug ugly and you know it. *


*Conditions Apply



Have you ever seen an ape? A chimp? A monkey? You seen one common facet across all of them? No it’s not that they are hairy, or throw their feces, but it’s that they are really damn ugly!! I mean just step back and take a look at Plant of the Apes, I’ll bet the first thing all of you thought was “Damn those are some ugly fucking monkeys!!”

The next point comes from the fact that we all have EVOLVED from looking like that. We do look better than most monkeys (not all of us though, cause I do know a few people who could really scare the pants of a baby orangutan) and thus are a “superior” race*


PS: All of those who believe that GOD made us all I would request you to scroll down to assumptions before carrying on further.

*superior race means by referring to majority of the population, although statistics do conclude that there are a few of us who are dumber than most of the animals. A few species can be found on facebook, those with the postings of stupid youtube videos of a cat playing a piano whilst giving the nazi salute and ofcourse there are those even stupider who “share” the same. The rest of such species can be found in other places like twitter and malls (yes the ones who click their pictures standing in front of the apple store or the food court) and even a few can be found around your work place. Having said that, by sheer numbers itself we do conclude that it would be a safe assumption to state that in case of a holocaust, we would be the only ones smart enough to build bomb shelters and thus would survive leaving most wild animals to rot, thereby concluding the superior race argument



Point one: Evolution makes you look better, thus the more evolved, the better you look.

Point two: Ugly people/species die



WE all know that we evolved from monkeys(apart from you freaks who believe in the whole some chick eating an apple and getting turned on….the main flaw with that theory is this, THERE IS NO SUCH APPLE AND NO SUCH DRUG THAT MAKES WOMEN THAT HORNEY!!  Else guys from Delhi would have found it out long-long time ago and rape would have been non-existant)

So you guys are to please pick up this masterpiece called “The Theory of Evolution” by this guy called Charles Darwin and if you STILL don’t believe it, please stay in church/temple/mosque where you freaks go to worship whatever stone you ring your bells in front off. And shut down the internet, you don’t deserve it!




Point 1

Where are the monkeys now?

Either on the road side eating left-over food or being put behind bars in a zoo for the pure purpose of entertainment of us humans!!

Most of them spend their lifetime for the few seconds of viewing pleasure by us and probably get tagged in a facebook album somewhere usually under someone’s friend/sibling’s name. Either way, the point being that they really don’t have too much of a use and eventually die under the pressure from us, the “paparazzi”.

A non-existant non-important non-relevant existence and for those who saw the Matrix, ask them one question, What was the purpose of their life

So we all now concur with the fact that we all came from apes. Now despite what you all see in your mirrors most of you look better than a lot of the monkeys I have seen, so it’s a safe assumption that you are all on Earth better looking than monkeys. (although some of you women could shave/wax a bit more!)

Monkeys we know are really ugly! (NO they are NOT cute, sadly I have seen cute and monkeys don’t fit the bill and yes I am being crude because I look better than them). So, anyway as per the theory of evolution or those who have seen Fatboy Slim’s video and from a unicellular organism which was really like mucus it evolved into a much better looking human being.

Thus we evolved and have evolved into something better and that those who are ugly would remain ugly and you know who you are.

On a personal note, there was this group in college that was called the FUGLY squad (FUGLY = Fat + Ugly) and to be very honest those women were somehow an antithesis to the whole theory here. I personally recommend most of them to be carefully preserved for future


Point 2:

Moving on the hierarchy now, and if you see old people they too don’t really look to pretty, (yes yes I’m being cruel, but here I am talking perfectly only from a scientific view), most people grow older and older people look worse than younger ones (please don’t talk about the George Clooneys of the world now, they are really freaks of nature) and thus they die.

Wrinkles, dark spots, etc all are signs of us growing older and being marked for death. It’s the way we know which one  of us should be going next. Thus the ones marked for death are the ones really “marked”….they have wrinkles, facial lines, white hair….you know the generic list and I know EXACTLY who you are thinking off too….the oldies!!!!

Now, now….no need to get mean, being brutally honest don’t forget that the odds of the ones with the ‘symptoms’ of growing old are likely to pass on than the rest of us and more often than not they DO pass on, it’s nothing personal, it’s just evolution.

So yea think about life like this, you all do look better than dinosaurs and those other creeps that flew around trying to pick up small fry from the ground for dinner, you also look a lot better than granny and granpa.

So would it be incorrect to say that ugly specimens die? No right….thus point two is proven!




Anyway, in the body of the proof I realize that point one was proven with the fact that our earlier specimens were really pug ugly and we have evolved a whole lot from them, thus the generic species are moving in the right way.

Secondly as we grow older we really become uglier and THUS we die, which was the point proven in the second part.




I would love to tag a lot of you in this and request you to make your final statements soon, but out of respect and courtesy would let your mirror tell you to do that same.


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