Thoughts: Revenge Be Thy Hallowed Name!

He lies awake, the fan swirls unable to dry the beads of sweat.

Plotting and Scheming, Planning and Preparing.

To strike when the iron is hot is the plan,

He bides his time, to work when the time is right.

To mend the wrongs, to give what he knows belongs.

Revenge be thy hallowed name.


Life was bliss and sadness unforeseen,

But the day came afoot and he stood stunned.

The rush, the gore, the gruesomeness of it all,

Two lives snatched away, his love gashed to the ground.

He picked her off the ground, blood everywhere,

Held her close and cried out aloud.

He looked at the heavens and he knew what he had to do,

On her blood he swore revenge, He would make them pay.

Revenge be thy hallowed name.


One with a plastic bag, a rose lines the side,

A reminder for the warmth he once had.

One with a knife, a rose lines the side,

A reminder for the glow he saw.

One with a drop for the top, a rose lines the side,

A reminder for the fun he had.

And finally the last one, a tad more pain he feels,

He runs but to no avail, death catches us all.

Chased like a dog on the street, caught and hung from the street light for all to see.

A red rose lines the side, a reminder for the love he had.

Revenge be thy hallowed name


They said it’s best served cold,

Revenge is an eye for an eye, less be said about world going blind.

The peace he gains for he knows he avenged her,

The deep breathe he exhales when he knows his life’s aim is over.

But alas……

He looks around and a sea of faces means nothing to him

He walks on into the sunset,

Never to be heard, Never to be seen again,

Alone he remains, the way he was when he started off….

Is the way he remains at the end of time.

Revenge by thy hallowed name!


One response to this post.

  1. The Old Testament law was “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” In other words, if someone was injured, the person who caused the injury should be injured in the same way. But Jesus said we should not try to get even at all! Holding a grudge can consume us with hatred, blocking out all enjoyment of life. A grudge clouds our judgment and may lead us to an act of revenge that can never be undone.


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