Thoughts: This is SPARTAAAA

To be very honest the movie pleasantly surprised me.

When you go ahead to think of watching a movie called Warrior, with two beefed up hulkish looking guys as the poster boys and then see trailors in which guys go about beating each other’s faces in, you sort of expect an all out no holds barred action flick and anything less than that might be a major disappointment.

Warrior is nothing like that. Yes there is action, and yes guys do beat each other within inches of their life, but the movie a whole lot more and really worth it.


The story is a bit complex, Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton) and Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) are brothers. Brendon is a cool school teacher married to Tess (the beautiful Jennifer Morrison) and the two of them are trying to make their marriage work on a shoe-string budget. Tommy is loner who hates his father Paddy Conlon (Nick Nolte) since he claims that their drunken father was the reason the entire family broke up and are now in no connect. Tommy reconnects with his father so that he can train him to take part in a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament and win the money for a personal reason. Paddy agrees as he sees this as a chance to re-connect with his son. Brendan too enters the same so that his family can live a better life. As the story develops, they end up in a path in which only one can survive.



Joel Edgerton as a man trying to be the man of the house, Tommy Conlon fighting to fight out his past, Nick Nolte as the ex-drunk begging for the forgiveness of his past sins from his sons and trying to get his family together, all have acted brilliantly and make the story gripping. It has been directed beautifully right from the hard core action scenes to the deep emotional turmoil all 3 protagonists face. The movie might be compared with The Fighter which in my opinion is not a bad thing at all and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nick Nolte gets a nomination for his role.


Gavin O’ Conner has definitely touched a soft nerve with this movie and I assume he is someone who really knows how to make a sports movie (‘Miracle’ being the best remembered). The fight moves shown in the movie are amazingly real and the fight scenes are really well shot.

Warrior takes on a family-I-love-you but I-would-still-need-to-kill-you sort of role perfectly.


All in all it’s a movie that I would recommend NO ONE MISS, since it is by far one of the better ones I have seen this year!!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Thoughts echoed. Agree to the least word (expect the Nolte getting Oscar bit)


  2. Oh come on….he is going to get a nomination….he surely deserves it!!


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