Thoughts : The Movie Has No Benefits

Hot people naked for half and emotionally depressed for the other….worst porn EVER!

The movie stars two of the hottest people on the planet (as per People magazine, not my words, though I would agree that Mila Kunis could make the dead rise!!) as friends, one known as Jamie (Mile Kunis) who is a headhunter in New York and who’s job at the start of the movie is to give Dylan (Justin Timberlake) his big break. Jamie manages to convince Dylan that the job she hunted him for is the best possible move for him (no no not banging Mila Kunis!!) and for that he needs to move to New York. So despite living in a house on the beach in LA, Dylan decides to move to the Big Apple so that he can move ahead in his career and of course see Mila Kunis naked (personally I would have done the same). Eventually the two confide in each other their inability to connect with other human beings and thus state that they don’t end up in relationships, although stating that sex is important for both. They THEN decide that sex is important enough to “do” and still remain friends…aka Friends with Benefits.

The rest …as they say …is history!


What can be said about the movie….it’s cute but sadly it leaves a lot to be desired. There is a lot of scope to treat a topic like this one properly and thus it sort of leaves you wondering what more could be done to make a movie like this better. There is a small mockery made on other romantic comedies but in the end it becomes a clichéd state of affairs itself.  The acoting is decent and you can see a decent chemistry between the two leads which makes the movie kinda interesting and the rest of the riff raff in the movies do a decent job of not stealing the spotlight too much. They mostly come in and out without disturbing the movie and the movie could be made without any one of them as well!


Thus you could watch the movie if you REALLY have nothing else left to do, like,  washing your clothes, doing the dishes, cooking the food, watching television, nothing else playing in the theatres, no friends, no good books left to read, house is clean and you have played all your playstation games….enjoy!


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