Thoughts: The Rage

The venom continues, it knows no bounds,

The anger and frustration have hatred unfound.

He hates with a vengeance, a breed so rare,

To banish, to kill; to rip with his hands bare.

Dare none meet his gaze; he’s killed for less, he’s not forgiving.

Dare none cross his path, lest they are tired of living!


To destroy all that stands in his way,

To wipe off civilizations and merge them with the bay.

The anger oozes, with the vein on his head popping strong,

He knows what he mustn’t do, he mustn’t belong!

He yells, he screams he charges head on,

No mercy, even for those who cared for him, none at all!


Like Krakatoa, he erupts and the fury floods like a rampant Sea,

The world, it shakes beneath his feet and so do the Heavens!!

Zeus trembles and so does Shiva, but then….they just snigger,

He was meant to move colossal mountains,

He was meant to stop the raging rivers,

He was meant to be larger than life,

A foot on Earth with sights beyond the farthest realm!


He can’t be beaten,

He looks at himself!

But he already is… he already is!


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