Thoughts: The Chase for a Dream

Sitting by the edge on the pier, a man sits by the effulgent fire.

The waves they crash ever so gently, as if at his behest,

Against the rickety pillars of wood upon which he rests.

A pipe in one and rum in the other hand there be,

He looks with disdain at the deep, dark and desolate sea.

She calls out to him, he only hears her mock,

She calls out to him;  she dares him to leave the dock.


Not so long ago, he was a young man, tall, handsome and dark.

With eyes so blue, they had a spark.

(But those days seem a distant dream,

The eyes have no spark now, but only showcase what could have been)

He loved the sea there was nothing else he could think of more,

The rest of the world, it just seemed a bore.

She called out to him, he heard her mock

She called out to him; she dared him to leave the dock.


He took up the challenge, to set sail out far,

To see the things people talked about at the bar.

Mermaids and sharks and even flying unicorns one time,

Blood sucking Goths and even Atlantis’s chime.

He was fascinated, he was naïve.

He made up his mind; this was all he wanted to do.

To set foot on a place about which none other had a clue.

She called out to him, he heard her mock

She called out to him, he had left the dock.


A lifetime later, He returned to the shores

Feeble, anguished, destroyed in spirit with not a bit of lore.

He lost it all, his youth, his friends, his money and his life,

Chasing a futile dream, he remained at strife.

To seek that eternal happiness which seems ever so elusive, but yet so true

Relish if you gain it and if not you feel blue.

He now sits at the edge of the pier, sitting by the luminous fire.

She doesn’t call out to him, he can’t hear her mock

She doesn’t call out to him, he won’t leave the dock.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Satyam on September 6, 2011 at 5:22 PM

    A dark thought has found companions i see………incredibly vivid and sad, but feels oh so true. Great stuff, man.


  2. The protagonists in your poems seem to have a this common thread of looking back at life, sort of stepping out of their skins to search their souls… and with each poem they come out clearer – I can actually put a face to this character… Guess you have found your Lucy Grey 🙂


  3. Posted by alps on September 8, 2011 at 12:20 PM

    poignant & vivid! its got a cinematic quality to it, which is what pulls one in deeper with every word said and every word unsaid. man, you are now born an artist 🙂


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