Thoughts: It’s No Monkey Business

Monkeys everywhere and no I am not talking about Frieda Pinto! 🙂

The story remains simple enough, apes take over the planet and we know that (Refer to the Multi-Oscar wining Charlton Heston flick) .This movie just shows us HOW we ended up in that place.

The movie premise appears like a prequel to the 1967 hit and shows us HOW the apes ended up in the ruling chair. Dr. Will Rodman (James Franco) works in a lab where he is trying to find out the cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Apart from the money the reason for his dedication in trying to find the cure is to help his long suffering father Charles Rodman (John Lithgow) who suffers from the very same. Of course the lab prohibits testing on humans, until apes can be cured of this disease and whilst trying to do the same on one ape, she goes bananas, destroying the lab, which leads to the eventual shut down of the project. That ape though passes the “cure” (ALZ 112) on to her child (our eventual destroyer) named (ironically) Caesar. Will then decides to take care of the little one and also simultaneously study it.

Can’t tell you more, else you might not watch the movie!! 🙂

Where is Freida Pinto you ask…well she is there, probably less useless than the guy who cleaned up the poo of the apes left behind in the movie. But she is there, as Will’s love interest Dr Caroline Aranha. (A doctor, stereotyping you say?) She a veterinarian and looks after Caesar when he gets a boo-boo. Enough said about her cause I think Caesar has more lines than her in the flick!

James Franco does a decent enough job.  He’s a good actor and is coming into his own now. Frieda Pinto does a decent enough job (ROTFLMAO)….the apes did a better job of acting than her! John Lithgow is still a brilliant actor and I have kinda liked him since his 3rd rock from the sun days, he still looks the same kook to me. 🙂

The rest of the riff raff give a so-so account of themselves.

The movie is poorly shot and poorly directed and really is no match for the original, but then due respect where it’s given; the original was a classic in itself and this one did have a hard time to live up to that. I have no idea who Rupert Wyatt is but then the movie had a lot of potential and really could do a whole lot more but was all in all he made it a sort of let down.

The movie does have its strong points with Mr. Andy Serkis  (Caesar) who really takes the cake!!

I really loved the earlier one and therein probably lies my bias against this one, for I sort of expected a tad more of this film than was delivered. The movie concentrates more on the emotional aspect, the bonding, the nurturing etc and more of the human element between us all and what I expected more was the apes going bananas on the human race.

Ah Well Cest La Vie… it but don’t go ape over it. 🙂


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  1. Agreed that the CGI aided Apes act faaaar better than Pinto… maybe they should try CGI to get some emotions on her face… she is more plastic than Aish Rai B., and thats sayin somethin !


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