Thoughts: One step Closer…One last time!

All is quiet; there is only the sound of slow moving air.

The world revolves, unkempt and unaware.

Slowly he trudges along,

A man over the hill in a distant land,

He sings a tune of days gone by,

Of friends, and lovers and the wine he drank;

Of the times he remembers (and laughs at the ones he can’t).

He reaches the valley and looks down the hill

A light in a small tavern, he holds still,

He wants to look inside, curiosity beckons his will.

The thought of a place so desolate yet alive intrigues him.

He peeks inside, the place isn’t dim!

The drinks, the smoke, the music so loud,

The wine the women the lust abound.

He needs the rest; he thinks he may.

“Just sometime I’ll spend and then I’ll b on my way.”

Once inside, he was lost in the frenzy,

The lights, the laughter, the crowd maddening as can be.

He went to the bar and ordered an ale,

“Ah the sweet taste, like nectar from and angle’s lips, all else fails”

He drank some more, ate a hearty meal,

He thanked the keeper and graciously said “keep the change, it was a great deal”

He went along his untrodden path,

To the place he was going, right from the start.

He reached his stop, the top of it all,

He took a deep breath and blurred his thoughts.

“Ah God! Here I am, on top of the world and closest to you.

I wish I just had some more time to do what I’d like to.”

He looks up as far as he could see,

The mountains, the trees and scenic nature so pristine.

And then he takes that one step forward.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Satyam on August 25, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    Good stuff, mate. A style from days long gone…….but indeed heartening.


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