Thoughts: And he walked on….

To feel the touch only to be left alone again,

He’d asked her the question. (He never wanted to begin)

“Don’t make me chose; you know I belong to another”

With joy in her heart and tears in her eyes she said, “Don’t bother”

Dejected and desolate; he walks back to the dead.

He was close to her he felt it so,

The world seems still, but a zephyr blows.

To swathe it up and cherish what was left.

He walks on into the shadow of death.

Gun holstered, the shields were down,

He was hurt, nothing more than he could do but frown.

He fought all wars, was decorated as hell,

Whilst facing the shells, he missed the wedding bell.

Iconic words come rushing back to his head.

Sticks and stones, didn’t break his bones,

Words it were….words, they meant much…much more.

She moved on and he was left alone.

The wounded soldier…. he carries on,

“You may break me, but you’ll never hurt my soul, not one bit”

He walks on alone into the shadow of death.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Could see the tear on his face… it was that clear… tragically beautiful.


  2. Posted by Satyam on August 9, 2011 at 12:36 PM

    Ahh……..the poet awakens……interesting conflict of themes here…….rather a poignant merger…….a soldier’s stoicism & his war with heartbreak……..unexpected but good


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