Thoughts: Fear..the Ruler

The emptiness inside of me, never goes away

My want for a different life, never goes away

To be a new person, not whom I see each day

The fear!

To think about what could be and what is

The ability to do what I thought I did

To fly, to dive …to run about

To hop, to jump…to scream and shout

The image I see now, is not clear.

The fear!

A lump in my throat, a pit in my stomach

My hands, they sweat, the breath is cold

The heart it beats, the eyes filled with hope

To do what I want is now but clear

To fight myself to be the man I want to be

To be the one I believe I can be

The fear!

The emptiness inside me is a story none can see


One response to this post.

  1. Guess we all swing between freedom and fear, one pushes the other in a karmic way…

    End of Life its a Credit/Debit sheet on which of the two Fs got the better of u. It better be the former or u r fucked 😛


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