Thoughts: Zindagi nahi milegi dobara…movie abhi dekh lo!

ZNMD is a piece of work that takes you into a different part of your life and really questions the way you live and how you live it. The theme is about being free, leaving fear behind and facing life head on.

The story is off-beat and revolves around 3 childhood friends Kabir (Abhay Deol, the ONLY Deol who can really act and showcases that in the movie), Imraan (the multi talented Farah Aktar) and Arjun (the uber-smooth Hrithik Roshan) who come together after 4 odd years to celebrate Kabir’s proposal to his ultra possessive and “chudail” (borrowed phrase) girlfriend Natasha (Kalki Koechlin) with a bachelor party in picturesque Spain! The three friends made a pact a long time ago to meet later and try one adventure sport which the other two would have to do along with him. So each one of them pick sports, which vary from the common ones like deep sea diving and sky-diving to the more eccentric bull racing. During their stint in Spain they run into Laila (the gorgeous Katrina Kaif) who is their deep sea diving instructor and ends up falling for Hrithik Roshan by the time it is done. Along their 3 week stay in Spain the three friends patch up their differences, drown their fears, live free and enjoy the sights and sounds of Spain. Viva La Espanyol.

It’s a mix from Dil Chata Hai + Rock On + some level I felt part of Hangover as well (probably cause there is the mention of a bachelor party), but talks a whole lot of bonding with friends and camaraderie shared by the 3 main protagonists of the film . The core theme of never fearing what life brings and to let go of all fear whilst tackling your own inner demons is well directed. Of course it’s a moot point to say that tourism in Spain will thank Mr. and Mrs. Aktar for their vibrant portrayal of the country. With scenic views and breathtaking photography both underwater and in the air the movie makes for a great watch in 70 mm.

The acting is great. Abhay Deol lives up as the happy, friendly, desperate-to- have-a-last-ditch-fun-in-life person, Hrithik dances his way throughout the movie and his transformation from the money minded stock broker to the carefree vagabond is brilliantly showcased. Farhan Akthar also does a brilliant job although his acting skills still have some way to go to make him a class act, hats off to him for the dialogues he wrote. Ms Kaif is brilliant and has managed to hold her place in what would seem to be a mainly male dominated movie; she plays a beautiful love interest and doesn’t seem to stop the flow of the movie nor interrupt it. Kalki does a good job too as the “chudail” ( 🙂 ) Add to it the poems voiced over in the middle are brilliantly written (you can’t expect anything less from the penning of Javed Akhtar).

In the end I would recommend you all to watch this movie at least once in your lifetime, its talks about love, life and letting go something which most of us don’t do enough today.

Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho, toh zinda ho tum.
Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho,  toh zinda ho tum.


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