Thoughts: You know what i hate….in Traffic


To be dead honest, these guys seem like the ones who probably those who failed the real cop exam. Corrupt, cheap and with manners that would put shame to a monkey in a zoo. Traffic cops are by far the worst product of our governance system. I am yet to see one of them operate a traffic light properly and am yet to see one of them behave with some decency and dignity. Someone needs to tell them that the damn traffic lights although have three colors are not meant for playing and neither are their little pocket billiards game they play in the middle of the street.

Learning drivers

Get off the bloody road during rush hour!!!! The damn traffic slows down to a freaking standstill due to these guys. I am all game for people learning how to drive, but then to hold the damn steering wheel like a toddler playing with a tit is just a plain joke.  It’s not a frigging time bomb, just hold the wheel and floor the damn thing. It’s a car not a damn rocket!

Old age drivers

No its not cute, no its no admirable and no I will not give them credit for showcasing the guts to get behind a wheel at “such an old age”. Please go back to your walks, you are old, you can’t see very well and need your pills just to stay alive, I can’t handle the fact that you feel going at 30 kmph is really bloody fast for you. With the specs on their wrinkled face and them burning their eyes looking through them trying to figure out if it’s a car in front of them or is it a bump in the road or is it their long lost aunt….it is not an admirable trait and is more likely to get them killed by road rage. (probably me!)


I am sure that 90% of us agree with this one. I think these are the guys who failed to make it as even traffic cops. Thus they are frustrated, rude, and obnoxious and smell like feet! God alone knows who gave them their license but I fear it has to be a nincompoop for it would make more sense to give it to a drunken horse. And what the fuck is the sticking of their feet out to make a turn? How stupid do you have to be to flick a switch to indicate a turn? It’s called a damn Indicator!….auto manufacturers installed this mind-blowing feature in these chariots of death and I would beg of these guys to use it! Just to add one more point, the little black thing dangling over their left shoulder inside their chariot is only a show piece and don’t count for it doing anything more.


It is pathetic waiting at a traffic light and then seeing the drops fall on your helmet visor and then seeing all the guys in cars rolling up their windows and having that moronic pitying look on their face saying “Tch tch, poor kid”. I hate the rains, it prevented me from playing when I was a child and it is a sick feeling to get drenched on your way from work, tired and frustrated and then wet on top of it. Rains are only for those who live in high rise apartments, drive cars with windows which would prevent them from getting drenched and have coffee makers at home. I ride a bike…I hate the rains…enough said!


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