Thoughts: Scary Potter

First things first, this is not a review of the movie but is more of a review of Harry Potter as a whole. Of course I would include bits of the movie somewhere, but don’t count on it too much since I really am ecstatic as the series is finally completed and would like to take this time to let words flow……

So for those less acquainted the story (as I saw it) revolves around two pedophiles vying for the affection of a young boy who in all probability knows as much about life as a church choir boy knows about love told to him by the Father!

The book though recognizes only one as the bad guy, namely a guy called Voldemort (who I fear is probably loosely based on Michael Jackson since he too wants a small kid to play with him in Never(ever)land and of course the obvious lack of a nose) The big white guy with a beard also likes Harry Potter but would rather see him dead as he might be a fan of necrophilia. Throw in some magic, fairies, goblins, pixies, unicorns and rainbow chasing leprechauns with a complete and utter lack of imagination and thought whatsoever you get the Great Harry Potter series. (Even Stephenie Meyer is shaking her head in disbelief)

JK Rowling writing is as bad as Mr. Bean writing the next season for Spartacus or Mad Men.  Although she (JKR) is to be commended for promoting reading as an attribute amongst children in the 21st century and I mean really commended for she has been able to show them the fun that can be had with a book in an age of internet, ipods, xboxs and playstations. But then I would much rather have kids go back to their video games and porn on the net than have them read books which I fear might be killing their grey cells even before its had a chance to be fully formed.

If the pen be mightier than the sword she is more dangerous than Al Qaida with a strap on bomb standing in the middle of a matchbox factory. I can only hope that The Writers Association of the world takes her license away from her. (yes I know there can be no such thing…sheesh!)

As far as the movie goes, the story is pretty straightforward (for those of you who read the book), the acting is bleh ….the directing is bleh….the action is so-so and to be honest the 3D really kills the effect of wanting to watch the movie in the end as it is. For those who want to really watch the movie, good luck and godspeed!

Thankfully the cult is over and most of us can go back to our better lives which really had lesser amounts of befuddling logic stuffed into a 7 series of our system by reading crap such as this. Had Ms Rowling been a series writer for MAD or America’s Funniest Videos or even the next Lady Gaga video she might not have made the same amount of money but would have had more fulfillment in her life.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anjana on July 19, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    bah to u prateek …. u r disgusting …. i hate u for this …. u r mean ….. grow up ….. just cos u know tht something like this wud stir up the so-called hornet’s nest …. all this crap for ATTENTION …. this is disgusting


  2. @Anjana boo hoo…..

    @Simran bleh 2 u too 🙂


  3. Posted by Gaya on July 20, 2011 at 7:02 PM

    Seriously! this can only be a reflection of a sick mind and probably u have a distorted sense of humour……….rather than being angry I pity u coz u will never even have a possibility of ever finding ‘magic’ in ur life ( I don’t think u r even capable of understanding such a thing)….so Best of Luck as u will continue to live approximates of life.


  4. Come on! if critics can find gay streaks in Shakespeare, the deductions from Potter are valid if not agreeable! Literature is interpretation… so kudos of a funny.. possible and plausible twist! Hehehe


  5. Oh! Adding on…the movie sucks! Tolkien is magic… Twilight and Potter are juvenile attempts at fantasy at teh best


  6. Well thanq fr agreeing. GR8 minds do think alike! 🙂


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