Thoughts: I AM an idiot to watch this one!

If the movie could suck more, Rahul Bose would have put his mouth on it!!

I don’t get what is our fascination of calling ANY crap movie with ANY social message as a “God’s gift to mankind movie”

I AM sucked on so many levels the director might as well have paid us to watch the rubbish he created, it seemed like some pervert picked up a cheap handy cam and filmed whatever went through his mind. Now let’s not get me wrong on this, I am all for movies with social messages in them, but hell, even an episode of South Park makes more sense than this and those guys smoke weed!!

I AM is a utterly distasteful attempt on highlighting a few of the current social state of affairs in our country right now, single women wanting a kid with some random college kid’s sperm, a Kashmiri pundit running away from Kashmir as they were chased out by the Muslims, a guy who was molested as a child and a gay who really would suck anything he could get his mouth on!!

The stories are not related to each other at all, there is a hard stop every 30 minutes to switch to the next distasteful exhibition of ‘creativity’ and all in all it’s a complete waste of time, money, film, effort and life. I personally prefer movies with SOME spark in them, even Faltu kept me awake in my chair longer than this shit-fest. Yes yes it is based on true life stories, but then strictly speaking that doesn’t make a movie deserving of an applause leave alone an award!

Apart from the star cast which is very powerful there is nothing in this movie that would make you want to stay put for the whole agonizing two hours! Of course if you like guy-on-guy action you might as well stick around till the end cause Rahul Bose would fulfill your fantasy in this one. (Yes yes…I called you gay if you like this movie! Deal with it. You probably are!)

There are movies and then there are movies and this one is nothing more than some guy trying to convert his black money into white by investing in some shit. He might as well have bet the money on a cock fight or lit his cigars with them than to invest them in this, he would even have more chance of getting something from his money is he went ahead and bet on Lindsay Lohan going sober. He could even use the money to clean his cat’s litter box but did he?? Nooo, he went ahead, gave money to Mr. Onir and said “I love you, waste my money”

If I had an option I would rather go and watch a Justin Bieber concert than this crap, at least there I could throw eggs at him….in a theater people aren’t allowed to carry eggs and popcorn just doesn’t make the cut.


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