Thoughts: Limitless has Limited Appeal

It is hard for me to imagine Bradley Cooper as anything other than a roofied up junkie who wrecks havoc all over Vegas. In his defense he does look like a junkie at the start of this movie as well but all that is a different kettle of fish.

Eddie Morra (Cooper) is a ‘down-on-his-luck’ wannabe writer aka looser who really isn’t having the best time in his life and runs into Vernon (Johnny Whitworth; watch out for this one, he seems to have a bright future), his ex-wife’s brother who gives him “the drug” (named NZT) which transforms him into a genius overnight (no no not like Charlie Sheen!!) Eddie then starts to use his gift the best way possible….”helping himself”. He helps himself to the money, the fame and the fortune that just falls in his lap. He joins the firm of Carl Van Loon (the brilliant DeNiro) where he uses his “gift” to really kick it into a higher gear and all the while wooing his current ex girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish, who does a so-so job in a so-so role). Add a few thugs and a few strange men, some chase scenes and some action…it makes for a decent watch.

Limitless really makes you test boundaries; it is based on the premise that a normal human being can access only 5-7% of our brains (the number is lower for some of the people I know!!), thus what if we could access 100% of it? Bradley Cooper does just that thing. He gets a pill that enables him to access 100% of his noggin which makes him smarter than the rest of the world put together. The movie tracks how he can best use his skills. 

The movie is definitely not mind-blowing but personally is more for the audience to sit back and think “what if that could be possible” sorta scenario. Makes you feel more a part of the movie than anything else. You won’t get blown away by it; neither would you be bored of it.

Its only times like these I wish the very gay Karan Johar had more brains to make something better than SRK standing on some mountain top with his arms stretched wide open and Kajol running to him clad in a yellow/blue/green/red saree. Sigh…ah well cest la vie!

Based on a novel written by Alan Glynn, this movie has plenty of action sequences to complement the moral dilemma it poses: how far will you go to become a “better” version of yourself? Like all the great science fiction movies, this thriller doesn’t focus on the sci-fi aspects, choosing instead to highlight the exploration of humanity on which we embark with the very first scene. And anyone who contemplates medication to improve their lives will certainly find a resonance with the character of Eddie Morra. Watching this movie may not change your mind, but it will certainly open it.

The movie does have a few loose ends if you really think about it, but then that would just kill the effect of it. So let’s not go there…let’s just cherish the fact that Cooper can act and DeNiro hasn’t lost his touch.


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  1. Posted by Ipsa Jamwal on May 16, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    Really well written. What you have written makes me gonna go watch this movie.


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