Thoughts : Thor is Smashing!

Thor…the story of a powerful but arrogant warrior from the realm of Asgard, heir apparent to the throne, who is but banished to Earth by his father King of Asgard, to become “worthy” of the throne and all that comes along with it. With Thor gone and King Odin in a coma, his younger “evil” brother, Loki plots of ways to inherit the throne himself. Thor, banished to Earth tries to deem himself worthy of succession and along the way he finds and falls in love with the beautiful scientist Jane Foster.

The movie has relative unknowns with Chris Hemsworth as Thor who acts perfectly as the angry frustrated boy with a toy (the Mjolnir, which is something I would love to have for my b’ day!) who transforms into a God, Tom Hiddlestone as Loki (who really stole the show) and Anthony Hopkins as King Odin could do this role sleep-riding a horse whilst playing angry birds on his iPhone all at the same time, he is just plain brilliant and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster holds her own in a role that really doesn’t ask her to do much. (But …*drool*)

The movie takes place across realms, Thor travelling through them with relative ease. He takes on an entire planet of bad guys (yes I said PLANET!!!), beats the crap out of them, then goes to Earth, beats the crap out of the entire US secret service guys alone (probably didn’t include the SEALS…respect!!) and then woos the sexy Jane, kisses her whilst beating monsters with the help of his mighty Mjolnir and yes…he does it all with Godlike ease!

The movie is very well made, with good looking people on screen, funny one liners and is well scripted. It runs in the long line of successful Marvel comics who compete for movie-goers attention with The Dark Knight (because I doubt there were any more popular in the movie franchise recently than him!) and it comes up trumps.

Personally there is something for everyone in the movie, those going to see the comic in 70mm, action junkies can have their fill, guys have the oh-so-beautiful Natalie Portman to ogle at and girls can watch the beefed up Chris H, not to hype too much about it, but there is this specific scene in which he shows up in just his denims and I could swear I heard a collective “sigh” in the hall!

I just wished our Indian directors could take a cue from these movies and create something, but then with super heroes like Super Commando Druv, Nagraj, Shaktiman and “Zokkoman!!!” they not only have their hands tied behind their back, they also have a foot tied, their mouths gagged and a patch on one eye!! Those “super-heroes” couldn’t save themselves in a pillow fight with Lady Gaga leave alone a super villain!!

Anyway to kick start the summer blockbusters this one sets the bar high. As far as Marvel superheroes go, can’t wait for Captain America to hit the screens! For now…Hammer Time!!! \m/


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