Thoughts: FALTU is as Faltu as it gets!

I know there is something wrong when the security guard at the entrance looks at the ticket and shakes his head with a disbelieving smile. And if that wasn’t enough, it is followed by the usher looking at you with a smirk and says “you can sit wherever you please”. Not a bright beginning to a movie I’d say.

Faltu is plainly and simply put….just horrible. The movie lacks scope, directing, screenplay and let’s not even get me started on the acting and dialogues. I have gone for Annual Day celebrations and seen kids in the 3rd grade say their lines with more conviction than the guys you see in this movie. It is just heart wrenching to try and contemplate that how could anyone give a camera to a man with so little creativity and absolutely zero knowledge about movies. To face facts, the story was already there, for those less acquainted…the story is a rip off from a Hollywood movie (surprise surprise!) ‘Accepted’. Not to say that Accepted was an Oscar winning movie itself, but yes, Faltu would make it to the “It-is-so-horrible-i-wanna-poke-my-eyes-out” list. It would not be an over exaggeration to say that the people in the halls almost caused a stampede on their way out.

The story goes like this, four friends (for lack of interest I don’t remember the guys in the movie) who are useless at everything apart from partying, end up with a way below average score in their final exams and are thus rejected from each and every college. In the end due to the intense pressure from their parents and to avoid the nagging they get from them, they decide to create a college of their own in (pause for dramatic effect)……. ONE DAY! Even Arindam Chaudary is going …”Uh uh….no way that is happening”. Given that all writers indulge in a few cinematic liberties, but this one takes the cake. All that was left was for them to include Jaadu in the script somewhere.

Coming back to the story, Ritesh (Jackky Bhagnani, yes I had to Google up the name) decides that he shall go ahead and create his own university with the help of his 2 equally useless friends (Pooja Gupta and Angad Bedi) and one genius (Chandan Roy) who would much rather be with his friends and not follow in his father’s footsteps. So Jackky with the help of Google (Arshad Warsi, who apparently has limitless money and by my calculations is most probably Batman as well) and Baaji Rao (Ritesh Deshmukh who well…..does nothing great in the movie) decide to set up an entire college to fool their parents, but things take a twist when a horde of other “faltu” students show up stating that they too want to be a part of this “prestigious institution” since they have no-where else to go. The movie then showcases how Ritesh with help from his friends takes care of the whole mess.

Well the story is innovative, but then it is not original so no points for that, the direction is sub-par, the acting….hahahaha….the writing…..HAHAAHAH……ROTFLMAO!!  With lines like “Children are not useless, they are just used less” I just hope the writer of the movie are now used less!! I guess the only thing that saves grace in the movie is the musical score and the dance sequences.

Somewhere I feel that the crew was not too sure about trying to keep the movie as a serious debate between school educations versus alternate education or a comedy on the same. And as most things without an aim in mind go, this is just a colossal waste of film.

Not to say that I hate my kids but I would never have them go to this institute. Not that I would not want them to be a DJ or a professional trainer or whatever they feel they want to be, it is that if they are as of now represented by a bunch of so horrible talentless brand ambassadors of the alternate education system that I shudder to put them in the same bracket as the saps they are depicted by in the God awful excuse for a movie.



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  1. Posted by Amrita on April 5, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    Good One!!


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