Thoughts: Scott Pilgrim is not for “The World”

For lack of a better adjective and the limited synonyms provided in MS Word….. Scott Pilgrim versus the world is just Friggin Amazing.

I had no idea Michael Cera could do anything but act as doofy sidekick in a movie…Juno, Superbad, even his stint in Arrested Development show him as nothing else, but here, he is a HERO! In my defense he still is a dork in the movie, but that is only cause he is required to be one. Cera looks like a cartoon and thus I guess was hand-picked for the role. Doubt they had any auditions for it either. But he did an amazing job all the same (although he really doesn’t fit the bill in the fight scenes)

The movie is brilliantly made and that is only cause I was born in the timeline this movie is based on…..ARCADE GAMES!! The movie is a tribute to the games…Tekken, Contra, Pac Man and the likes (a minute of silence is observed)

The story is a tad complicated but let me try and run you through it…..Scott Pilgrim (Cera) is a bass player in a band called the Sex Bob-omb. The band has Kim (Alison Pill) their drummer, Stephen Stills (Mark Webber) the lead guitarist and Young Neil (Johnny Simmons) a groupie and these 3 collectively form his friend circuit. Scott lives with a gay room-mate Wallace (Kieran Culkin; who really manages to steal the scene whenever he shows up in the movie). Scott’s love interest is a high school kid named Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) who he stays with only to cope with the loss of his earlier girlfriend (wasn’t a loss, more of her ripping his heart to shreds).

Enter…Ramona (Mary Liz Winstead) with her colorful hair and her bad ass attitude. Scott falls for her and wants to win her heart, but the road to her heart is the one less travelled and he needs to defeat her seven evil exes to get to her. Not that the job would be easy….Mission Not-A-Walk-In-The-Park, because the exes include Superman (Brandon Routh) The human Torch (Chris Evans) and 5 more. And the show begins….

The movie is made with a definite audience in mind; it will not repeat…WILL  NOT appeal to you all. It is radical and very progressive and would not leave a good taste in the mouths of those who are a) old b) boring c) leading non important, inconsequential lives and d) Those who live on a rock. The movie is made for those with short attention spans aka US – The Youth of Today…the scenes cut abruptly, the transition from one to another is a jump, there are no long drawn out conversations, there are tones of graphics and thus the whole movie experience is just plain brilliant.

It’s a tough ask for graphic novels to be remade into movies and then they still manage to keep the essence intact….Watchmen, 300, V for Vendetta, Spirit, Sin City etc are all movies based on the same theme and as we know, some made it, some didn’t. Scott Pilgrim has put Edgar (Director; from the Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame) has kept with his ‘style’ and has definitely done justice to the series. You will have to download this one…..but it’s definitely worth it!



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  1. Posted by Anjana on March 23, 2011 at 7:26 PM

    Sigh … guess it was a wrong decision to have slept thru this movie …


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