Thoughts : 127 Hours…a Lifetime too short!

Danny Boyle has a taste for the distasteful. He’s good though, very good I might add. A movie made to showcase the strength of the human mind of one Aron Ralston (who has been portrayed brilliantly by Green Goblin’s son, James Franco)

The story is simple and I won’t want to bore any of you guys much with it, a man goes hiking, man falls down, man gets right hand stuck for ….. yup you guessed it, a mind boggling 127 hours under a boulder. The story of how he survives and how he continues his tough as nails existence without giving up hope and without losing faith.

James Franco does a brilliant job of enacting the very man; a happy go lucky, adrenalin junkie who is full of this astonishing positive energy and even has the ability to make a few small jokes on himself in the imminent face of peril. The movie has just one person being shot throughout and strangely enough (credit given where it is due) James Franco has enough of screen presence to keep you hooked. Somewhere I was not able to decide if it was Danny B’s direction, with the picturesque shots of the Canyon or Franco’s depiction of the “never-say-die” attitude and always optimistic smile which makes this movie a treat to watch.

Although just for a few with the queasy stomach’s I’d suggest you shut your eyes now and then for I doubt you would be able to take in the things people (aka Aron Ralston) do to survive but I’d still say you guys are not to miss it. AR Rahman has a decent score in the movie, but I don’t know if it’s his best work and really can’t understand why he was even nominated for something, cause quite frankly the soundtrack was more of a ‘blah’ in the entirety of whole movie. (Probably cause the last time he teamed up with Boyle it led to an Oscar and Boyle is thus not changing the formula.J)

Danny Boyle brings his own class to the movie, with greats like Trainspotting and 28 Days Later (and yes I am ditching the obvious ones for it might lead to people getting cheesed off) he does know his way well behind the scenes. To be able to take a story so graphic and still ensure that the audiences remain glued to the screen unable to take their eyes off, fixated in the moment….urging him to go on and still holding back in their stomachs at the same time, require a masterful touch to pull off.

On the negative aspect, the one drawback I felt for the movie could be that, we all know the ending and thus the element of “what the heck will he going to do next? How is he going to get out of this?”  is not there. It’s a famous book and if you don’t know how it ends…shame on you!

In the end, the entire movie is very well made and deserves a spot in the top movies of the year. Leave you with a thought……what would you do if you were in the situation?


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