Thoughts: Work-Life

Most of us work for a living. That is the easy part. You wake up, go to work, come back and see money in your account. But is that all we are meant to be like? Have we become so lost in our mundane existence on this great archetype of life that we forget we have to do more or rather more we should do? All of us have skills…I believe that all of us really talented in some weird sort of way. We are all prodigies in our own way.

There are three things I constantly think about….

What do I have to do?

What do I want to do?

And what am I born to do…

It’s always more on the lines of what we have to do that supersedes what we would want to do or more importantly what we are meant to do. Save the planet, be a groupie, Kill Osama, make India reach the World Cup finals in football etc. How can we ever figure out which is which. Am I meant to sit here, while away time, go home, get the buzz, pass out and continue the routine or am I meant to do more?

The future is best left unpredicted, best left to itself. But then at times you can’t help but stop…and wonder. Its times which make you feel what you ought to be doing, its times which make you feel where you ought to be going and its times that make you sit back and jus recheck your route, your map and your directions.

A look here and a glance there, sitting with colleagues in the cubicle which is where I spent my day. Wondering and thinking if being a part of the team is what life has been reduced to, if presentations, excel sheets and word documents are all I have left to offer to my existence and my alter ego who would rather have me pick a flight and move to a far off land every 6 months.

I HAVE to work…..existence on Earth comes at a price and work is what we pay it off with. Strangely enough work is now more on the lines of an office, 9 to 5, colleagues, mails and meetings. Whereas somewhere I always felt ‘work’ meant more than just this (or maybe it was less than this)

Ever wondered why some of us are more successful than others? My best guesstimate would be that they are doing what they are born to do. The idea is to figure out what you are really here for and figure that out fast so you can make more money out of it. (Sad way to justify success, but yes an important tool no less) Mark Zuckerburg is not genius, he’s meant for what he does and I know for a fact he would be doing nothing else in is life and I know that Sachin Tendulkar would also not be a very successful IT engineer if he decided to be one.

I sign off by thoughts of trying to sit and figure out what best would be my foray and probably twiddle my thumbs wondering how cool I would have been had I been able to find the dream and be chasing it now.


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