Thoughts: The Town is a good place to be!

Ben Affleck is most definitely a better writer than an actor. His movies like Good Will Hunting and Gone, Baby Gone are something which you cannot give a miss. The Town is one which follows suit.

The Town is a story about a gang of guys from Boston (Guess Ben loves the city, it’s his second movie there) who rob banks and trucks. The movie starts when they rob the bank and end up taking a hostage. Doug (Affleck) is the crew leader and has James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner; of Hurt Locker fame), Albert Magloan (Slain) and Desmond Elden (Owen Burke) as his crew. The hostage is the beautiful Claire (Rebecca Hall) who to her due credit holds her own in this movie.

The bank robbery (the one which kick starts the movie) goes a little different compared to the ones they usually pull off (I think the grand total was 5 banks and 2 trucks) and this time they end up taking a hostage. Doug volunteers to check up on her (to see if she can recognize them aka send them to the slammer) and surprise, surprise …he falls in love with her. James (Renner) is a trigger happy BBF of Doug and the ONLY one the girl would be able to recognize. Add to this Doug’s father (in prison), his mother (MIA), an Irish mob boss (Fergi), an FBI Agent Adam Frawley (Jon Hamm, of the Mad Men fame, who again I think has done a brilliant job), a few very well made action sequences (the final one is in Fenway Park!!) and the movie adds up to a very nice flick to watch. To agree with most other people out there, this movie is probably the Heat of this decade. (For the unacquainted, Heat is movie featuring Al Pacino and De Niro, probably considered one of the best heist movies of all time). Guess the only difference would be that Heat was shot in the West and well this one is in Boston. J

The cast is decently assembled and I guess suits the movie. The dialogues were well written out and the movie did have its funny one liners. The actors were well chosen and give a decent rating of themselves, although on the down side, their irish accent is something all of them could work on a wee bit, but then I guess on the overall bit, it is a small dent in what is most definitely one of the better movies I’ve seen in the year. (Lets face it, the Twilight saga was shown this year, sorta eases the datum line for most other movies released this year 🙂 )

Ben Affleck has definitely proven that Gone, Baby Gone was not a fluke and he is as sure heck back in tinsel town. The movie has been very well directed and each scene is well worked out. The part where James meets Claire for the first time without his mask, the chase sequence through the town, the climax etc, are scenes that stick to you head and grasp you in the moment.

I’d definitely recommend this to those who enjoy a nice movie. Try and catch it before it is Gone Baby, Gone. 🙂


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