Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?” ~ Calvin

A verse from the Veda says, ‘What you see, you become.’ In other words, just the experience of perceiving the world makes you what you are.

Perception is a feedback, perception is an outlook, perception is what is based on the innumerable experiences I have had with the unimaginable number of people I have already met and the manner in which they have deciphered those instances to draw a rough sketch of me. Now each of these people have made their own sketch with their own paint and brush. These ‘sketches’ may or may not be the same for all of them, nor may they match the one I have drafted for myself, but yet the central element in all of these remains the same. These perceptions so drawn about me by them will vary from the time I met them, the mood I was in when I met them and the pre-conceived notions they were nursing in their minds before they met me.

The perception my parents have about me is very different from what my friends, my teachers and my acquaintances have developed. My parents took me as a rebel and I can corroborate it in the way he said “Good Luck” to my roommate in my graduation college. My second engineer on ship considered me a maverick; my teachers right from my kindergarten days considered me a conformist, my girl considers me eccentric and my friends consider me born lucky. Each of these perceptions differs (but ofcourse) but then, I still am the same wine tasted by all of them……just in different glasses.

I perceive myself as a go-getter, an achiever, an extrovert and a whole lot of fun. Life for me is based solely around friends, family, football and more football. My perception about myself varies as to the state of mind I am in, 95% of the time I know exactly what I want and the remaining 5% of the time is when I am contemplating what I want to do next. Be it parents or even a shrink, there are not many individuals in this world who can actually perceive another perfectly and even fewer whose perception will match the other person’s actual personality.

Perception is what you see yourself as, the good, the bad or the ugly, but in the end it is you. To quote a famous brand, “I am what I am” and people may come close but will never be able to view anyone perfectly.


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