Open your eyes….its there!

The world is a hard place, at times even the nicest of things seem fake and the stranger the mania the more believable it becomes. To lie awake on nights and wonder why are we all here…what are we supposedly meant to be, what’s the secret, why on this 3rd rock from the Sun. To spend a lot of time thinking about things and then freak out cause you still haven’t got the slightest clue. To learn the master plan of it all……the entirety of Earth.

I thus write. Trying to keep my head about as they say. It assists thinking and gives clarity of mind. The littlest of things become significant, that words randomly typed out suddenly make sagacity, they follow each other making a trail and if by magic it seems all this makes sense, adds up to logic, it gives…..meaning. It’s ne’er easy to be anyone and each day we all live one kind of life of the lonely. The life of the singular…why would one want to take that on? Is one afraid of something, or is he shying away from it, or is it just plain and simple fear? Or rather the fact that it maybe a remote connection of all three. But more often than not, the answer lies in mere sight. The answer is not for why does one choose solitude, but more on the lines of why does one choose not for solitude.

The tranquillity, the serenity, the peace, the quiet, the rest, the silence…ah yes the sound of silence…at times the loudest of noises can be easily drowned out if the mind is free, but the sound of silence…is not so easy. It’s deafening, but the bliss that comes along with it, the echo of time’s chords moving on, and the gentle hum of the breeze outside along with the sound of your own breath. Could it be more serene, could sound be more pristine?

The answer is not a simple yes or no, as the predicament may pose, the answer lies inside. Deep inside. Silence at times has the loudest voice and at times poses the greatest of fears. It is said that one must never speak unless they can improve the silence…..ponder on that for a bit. It’s the most powerful speech and sometimes the answer we all look for.

I choose to live as I am for there is no other way I could define myself and no other way I could see myself being sane. Sanity is relative, you think you know it all, but there are times you still need to know more. Being a part of this electrified village, the need to think about yourself as singulars crops up more often. I choose therefore I am. I know that time always wins the race in the end, but I hope I can at least last a little longer and hold my head up once I loose. I don’t expect most of this to make sense, but I hope a few know what I talk about.

Everything will be alright in the end and if it is not…then it is definitely not the end


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